Try to point out the central point of it.

Franklin, when ambassador to France, being at a meeting of literary society, and not well understanding the French when declaimed, determined to applaud when he saw a lady of his acquaintance express satisfaction.

When they had ceased, a little child, who understood the French, said to him:

“But, grandpapa, you always applauded the loudest when they were praising you.”

Franklin laughed heartily and explained the matter.

Ex.5. Reread the text and try

1) to explain why no other than a little child said it to Benjamin Franklin; 2)to guess the explanation of Franklin. …

Ex.6. Compare your answers to your classmates’ and say Try to point out the central point of it. which of them you consider (to be) the best.

Ex.7. Give the story a title.


There might be some variants of the title if they really reflect the gist of the story. (The story is untitled).


Ex.1. Read the stories [4] attentively.

What features of the scientist’s character are clearly revealed in them?

1. One evening in winter, Sir Isaac Newton felt very cold and drew his chair close to the grate, in which a fire was burning. Soon the heat became more intense and Newton rang the bell for his servant. The servant appeared.

"Remove the grate," cried Try to point out the central point of it. Newton in an angry tone, which was unusual for him, "remove the grate before I am burned to death."

"Please, sir, maybe you will draw back your chair?" said the servant with a sly smile.

"Oh," said Newton, and he was laughing as he spoke, "I didn't think of that!"

2. Sir Isaac Newton temper was very mild, nothing could disturb them as you may see from following:

Isaac Newton had little dog, which was call Diamond.

One evening when Newton went out his study he left Diamond here. After few minutes Newton returned; he that the lighted candle Try to point out the central point of it. pushed over on its side among some papers and that the nearly finished work of many years were in flames.

As Newton was old man already, the loss is irreparable, but he didn't punish a dog, he only exclaims, "Diamond, Diamond, you do not know the mischief that you done."

3. One day a gentleman wanted to see Sir Isaac Newton just before dinnertime. The servant told him that Sir Isaac was working in his study.

The visitor, who wished to speak to Newton about something important, asked for permission to wait till Newton went in to dinner, and Try to point out the central point of it. so sat down in the dining room. After a few minutes, the servant brought in Newton's dinner — a boiled chicken under a silver cover. An hour passed and Newton did not appear. The gentleman began to feel hungry. Soon he looked under the cover, saw the chicken and began to eat it. When only the bones remained he covered the dish and told the servant to boil another chicken. But before that was ready, Newton came down to dinner. When he found the gentleman in the dining-room, he said, "I beg your pardon, Sir, I am sorry Try to point out the central point of it. you waited so long. But just allow me to take my short dinner first, for I am quite tired and hungry; I will soon be at your service."

After these words, he lifted the cover, but found that the dish was empty. He smiled and said, "See, Sir, what we learned people are! I quite forgot; it seems that I had my dinner earlier."

4. Isaac Newton was often so deeply interested in difficult problems that he became quite absent-minded. One day a gentleman came to see him, but he was told that Sir Isaac Newton was busy Try to point out the central point of it. in his study and that nobody was allowed to disturb him.

As it was dinnertime, the visitor sat down in the dining room to wait for the scientist. The servant came in and placed on the table a boiled chicken under a cover. An hour passed, but Newton did not appear. The gentleman, feeling hungry, ate the chicken, and covering up the skeleton, asked the servant to prepare another one for his master.

Before the second chicken was ready, however, the scientist entered the room, apologizing for his delay. Then he added: “As I feel rather tired and hungry, I Try to point out the central point of it. hope you will excuse me a little longer, while I take my dinner, and then I will be at your service.” With these words he lifted the cover, and without emotion turned round to the gentleman and said: “See what strange men we scientists are! I quite forgot that I had dined already.”

At this moment the servant brought in the other chicken. The visitor explained how matters stood. After a hearty laugh, the hungry scientist sat down to dine.

Ex.2. Reread the stories attentively again. Of course, you’ve noticed some mistakes in the 2nd story, haven Try to point out the central point of it.’t you?

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